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Recycling and the Environment

It is a wonderful world in which we live these days – a higher importance on not just living but living well. Living well used to mean living in luxury and wealth, but it has been redefined in recent years as to living with integrity and with mindfulness of the world in which we live. The importance of recycling and being mindful of where our materials come from has become elevated to more than just the battle cry for a few but is now the collective mindset of the many. Reusing and recycling is truly the key to living well.

Recycling and mindful reusing of our materials is a way to honor our home and be more conscious members of the Earth. We all know the doom and gloom reasons why recycling is important, we have been hearing it preached for nearly four decades, however we are starting to embrace the wonderful parts of recycling. Recycling and reusing materials isn’t a punishment. Recycling and reusing is an opportunity. It is a privilege. It allows us to have a more intimate and deeper connection with the products we buy and the services we order. Having an appreciation for where our items came from and what can be done with them when we’re finished with them allows us the opportunity to be more connected with our physical surroundings.

At The Earth Company, we embrace recycling as the wonderful opportunity to have a more meaningful connection with the materials and possessions that we share our lives with.